March 13, 2021

20 Episodes, 3 Stooges, 2 Much Alcohol and 1 Neon Avocado

Welcome to Episode 20!

It's hard to believe that we have been able to go from zero to 20 episodes in such a short time. Mostly because we aren't the sharpest tools on the truck anymore! We really want to thank everyone that has been listening to this pretty cool journey we have been taking.

Brian joins us again tonight, (we forgot to lock the studio door). He once again earns the title of most frequent urinator. I mean really, how many times can one guy go to the bathroom?

We have a great time going back and forth and discussing the life that three firefighters lead over many long years. We tend to hold a lot back for a couple of reasons. Its hard to discuss emotional calls as some people listening may have been involved or maybe a loved one was. Many people don't realize the toll that also takes on first responders. We tend to carry around enough baggage to go on a month long trip everywhere we go. It's things like this show that allow us to occasionally let a little bit of that go.

Thank you for listening and we truly hope we have provided you some sort of entertainment over these last 5 months. We aren't going anywhere so stay tuned!

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Brian White


A 12 year veteran of the Laredo Fire Department. He is grumpy, dark, annoyed and has eyebrows like dancing caterpillars.