Sept. 11, 2021

A Huge Surprise Guest!

Episode 47 - "A Huge Surprise Guest!"

Holy 90 minute special shows, AGAIN!

Sometimes we just can't contain all of the stupid things stuck in our heads and the show goes

loooooong. Its good therapy for us, and Lord knows we sure need it.

This week we are joined by special guest Guillermo Heard, Laredo Metro Fire Department Fire Chief and City of Laredo Emergency Manager, Holy Crap! We have been trying to get him as a guest for awhile now and BAM! Here he is just in time for the 9/11 remembrances.

 There is nothing better for first responders then sitting down with a few cold beers and letting it all out. This would probably be much better if we weren't so darn weird! Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Thank you for listening and we truly hope we have provided you some sort of entertainment over these last 11bmonths. We aren't going anywhere so stay tuned!

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Guillermo HeardProfile Photo

Guillermo Heard


Fire Chief of the Laredo Metro Fire Department as well as the Emergency Manager for The City of Laredo.