About Us

Two Firefighters recalling their careers, life, and everything that comes to mind when alcohol is introduced into the mix. It's good for us and hopefully good for you.

About the Hosts

Alfred J. PennypackerProfile Photo

Alfred J. Pennypacker


Chris' Butler. WWII Vet. RAF Pilot. Four confirmed kills. Mediocre cook. Former heavy smoker.

Dave EsparzaProfile Photo

Dave Esparza


Captain in the Laredo Fire Department. Married my high school sweetheart . Have two grown up sons and I'm almost ready to retire . Hobbies : construction , grilling and drumming.

Chris NilesProfile Photo

Chris Niles


A Captain in the Laredo Fire Department that is getting ready to retire! Owner of the Avocado Studio. Published three children's books. Monty Python and Seinfeld fanatic. Friend of Dave.