March 6, 2021

Did He Really Just Say That, Again?

Episode 19 Did He Really Just Say That, Again?

Enjoy 60 full minutes of Dave Short Circuiting in a firestorm of senior moments!

Brian joins us again and helps to point out all of Dave's issues (Brian is a jerk). We discuss Chris' TikTok rant that has reached almost 45,000 views and everything currently going on in the crazy world of politics. It's a regular Qanon-athon of idiocy!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that all come together to make one amazing show. For a bonus reward count how many times Dave and Brian have to go to the restroom! Winner gets a shout out on the next show!

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Brian White


A 12 year veteran of the Laredo Fire Department. He is grumpy, dark, annoyed and has eyebrows like dancing caterpillars.