Feb. 6, 2021

Ode to Erik

Episode 15 - Ode to Erik

After taking a week off we are back to celebrate the life of our fallen brother Erik Segura. Taken from us by Covid-19 at the young age of 45. Dave shares stories from the time they worked together and we discuss the entire situation over several toasts.

We are also joined by our good friend and avid Dave beater Jorge Gomez. We talk about why he enjoys inflicting pain on Dave and why Dave enjoys it so much.

We truly believe this was our best episode to date. We also started to Face Book Live our pre-show and even post-show antics. It was fun interacting with listeners.

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Jorge GomezProfile Photo

Jorge Gomez


Captain in the Laredo Metro Fire Department and our good friend. Jorge is currently a EMS Supervisor and worked with Dave for many years. He also beats the crap out of Dave on a regular basis.