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So good

Just found this podcast! So glad I did! The hosts discuss such interesting topics and leaving me wanting to hear more. Check it out!


This podcast is funny... well put togethet... just two laid-back guys being silly and not. Pretty entertaining and relaxing way to break from daily stressors.

“Here’s to feeling good all the time”-Kramer

Love the show! Packed with lots of laughs and nonsense. Thank you both for the show and making my drives great again.

Keep up the great work

Doing good with expansion of the podcast now into threesomes

Simply Awesome !!

Love the back and forth chemistry, and of course those outrageous stories!1 Definitely will be tuning in every week!!

Cool show

Pretty cool

Awesome Podcast

Podcast ranks up there with the top ones. Can't wait for the next one. Great show.

Great show!!

The podcast is amazing and filled with some good hearted laughs. This dynamic duo is unforgettable!!

Love the show

Love it capt

They are the BEST!!

The podcasts always make me laugh so hard!! It’s fun listening to the stories and jokes!!