Feb. 13, 2021

Three Stooges, Unleashed

Episode 16 - Three Stooges, Unleashed

This week we are back to our old shenanigans, but with a small twist. We are joined in the studio for our first three-way show by none other than Brian the Black Heart from Episode 7. "Look, it's the old man from scene 24!"

So Dave, Brian White and myself proceed down a twisted road of nonsense and too much alcohol for a full 101 minutes. Once we get talking it can be a bit hard to stop.

So please, enjoy the hi-jinx and thank you again for all of your support. This is like therapy for us, and the Good Lord knows we can sure use it.

Stay safe.

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Brian White


A 12 year veteran of the Laredo Fire Department. He is grumpy, dark, annoyed and has eyebrows like dancing caterpillars.